During a full moon take some time for yourself and change your vibration frequency by introspection and release of what no longer serves you.  


Included in this kit:


Detox Bath Salts - Himalayan Salt to purify and cleanse the body from toxins leaving you feel refreshed and nourished.


Green Quartz - Crystal, perfect to use while you soak or carry with your throughout the day, this crystal provides healing to help shift negative energies into positive ones.


Palo Santo and Selenite bundle - Selenite known as "liquid light" ability to charge other crystals or charge you up with and let stuck energy flow. Palo Santo can be used during meditation, bath, or anytime as a ritual to set your intention, clear unwanted energies and manifest the highest good.


Homemade Mini Sea Salt Candle - Nothing leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for spring with this all natural hand poured coconut wax candle. Scented with essential oils to create the smell of the salt air - perfect to meditate or pranayama practice while thinking of the ebbs and flows of the ocean.


Mini Wish Jar - Two handmade scrolls for your to write your intentions or mantras for Spring. Clear quartz stones are included in the jar.


Use all together or separately.

Full Moon Kit