This box is to help heal and soften the heart. Included with this kit: 
Heart Chakra Bath Soak - Slip into some sweet dreams and nurture the body with a total relaxation blend for your bath. Ingredients: Made with high quality, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts, Himalayan salt, homegrown roses, and eucalyptus. 100% Therapeutic grade essential oil blend of lavender, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, marjoram, roman chamomile, vetiver, vanilla, + Hawaiian sandalwood. Himalayan rock salt will help release toxins and add minerals to your body helping you feel connected for a deep healing bath.
Rose Quartz Crystal - Om Mani Padme Hum, let the lotus of my heart be opened. Use this crystal to open the heart to heal, improve self-esteem and calm emotions. Be guided with loving kindness and compassion...
Homegrown Organic Botanical Smudge Stick: Wrapped with the divine intention and highest good on the Autumn Equinox, these smudge sticks are limited in supply as they are homegrown and carefully crafted and dried since the Fall. 
Mini Wish Jar with Clear Quartz stones - Two handmade scrolls for you to write your mantra or intentions.
Surprise gift to be included. Sometimes when you think you've been buried you actually have been planted. Manifest lightness from within with this kit.

Heart Opening Kit