Selenite’s magic coupled with the “Holy Wood” Palo Santo, is a great combination to release negative + blocked energy.

Selenite crystal is a great way to enhance your vibration and as a form of protection. Open your higher chakras, use under the bed to align the spine or at the office. Powerful enough to charge other crystals this stone received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.

Perfect for meditation, home or travel the scent alone will make you feel at peace. Set your intention and release unwanted energies, charge crystals and cleanse your space. 

Crystal will be charge and set with the highest good intentions. Each piece/bundle is approximately 2" will be wrapped with homegrown flowers and herbs. Bundle will be wrapped in non-bleached reusable homegrown organic linen bag as shown in picture. 

Palo Santo & Selenite Bundle

  • Use abalone shell or heat safe dish under palo santo while burning. When finished your ritual,extinguish in shell or dish and allow it to rest until cool.