Flies, ticks, mosquitos oh my! This Repel will do just the trick! Made with organic herbs, therapeutic grade essential oils, organic alcohol and witch hazel this blend will leave you scratching and smacking less and enjoying more. The best part about this blend it smells like lemoncello and when sprayed it provides major heat relief due to the instant affect of the cooling properties of peppermint.  

Easy to carry, kid tested and approved. Please be mindful of spraying on the eyes or hands. If spraying on the hands keep hands away from face. Peppermint does have a tendency to cool but if near our sensitive spots it will feel the opposite! 

At Homegrown we strive to be a zero plastic company - although this container is glass the sprayer is plastic - please be kind to Mother Earth and reuse this spray bottle. Not sure how to recycle it? Simply clean it remove label - and add water for instant heat relief. 

Organic Insect Spray