"Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart" - Grateful Dead 
Shake things up and add this to your moonlight ritual. A broken down version of our smudge stick all bottled in a reusable jar. Clear quartz to cleanse your energy and activate your chakras. 
Ingredients: Filled with lavender, eucalyptus, white sage, Roman chamomile, dried roses, frankincense from holy lands, and palo santo powder. Organically grown from my backyard. 
Will be crafted with kind intentions and charged. 
Shown here: 4 oz resusable jar

Moondust Hippie Shake

  • Place a small quantity in abalone shell or small heat safe container. Use with caution and keep out of reach of children. Works best with charcoal. If you choose not to use charcoal simply relight the shake.