Carry this pouch with you everywhere or use your crystals wherever you may be guided. 

Green quartz - For working with the heart chakra, attract prosperity, transmute negative energies and enhance your creativity. 


Selenite - Selenite is known to clear and unblock any unwanted or stagnate energy. Ability to charge and magnify other crystals. This crystal is a great way to enhance your vibration and as a form of protection. Open your higher chakras, use under the bed to align the spine or at the office. Powerful enough to charge other crystals.


Rose Quartz - The unconditional love stone. Supports love in your relationship with yourself and others. 


Kyanite - Perfect for meditation, balance, all while stimulating energy but yet, it is powerful enough to cleanse all the chakras without needing to be cleansing itself. The intention of this creation is to connect with your voice and heart. Connect with your voice, let it be heard and open your heart to receiving kindness to yourself and from others.


Himalayan Salt Rock - Assists in eliminate toxins, unwanted energies, brings peace and improves mood. Keep with you or use in the tub for a much needed release. If used in tub, the salt rock will dissolve. 


Each pouch will come with two crystals of your choice. Select upon checkout. 

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